Possible “iPad 3” Retina Display Support Plans

10tons Ltd  will support the possible retina resolution in the theoretical “iPad 3” in several games. The games include Azkend 2, Joining Hands, Ironworm, and Swingworm.

“We have plans to support the possible “retina resolution” if the performance and memory resources permit. If not, we’ll probably use a resolution as high as we can within the performance and memory constraints”, commented Tero Alatalo of 10tons.

Ironworm at 2048x1536

10tons’ recent games include a total resolution independency and therefore supporting higher resolutions with those games will be relatively easy. These games include Joining Hands, Swingworm, Ironworm, and the upcoming Azkend 2. The possible updates will be free of charge. 10tons has already experimented running Ironworm in the 2048×1536 resolution and it looks like the potential updates should be quite painless.

“I have to admit that I’m quite excited about the possibility of a extra high resolution update for Azkend 2. The full screen animated and hand painted sceneries look totally amazing already on the iPad. With four times more pixels they must look so good that you’d want to eat them. The only downside is that the upgraded graphics will make the downloads bigger.”, said Sampo Töyssy of 10tons.