King Oddball 1.1.0 update and the Diamond Competition

King Oddball, released in September, has been received really nicely. The App Store rating is 4.7! We updated the game last week, adding the ability to replay levels and tweaked a bunch of levels to make the difficulty curve more coherent.

The real story with the update is the Diamond Competition we held. For once we wanted to arrange a competition which was all about skill and skill only. We decided to award a real diamond to the first player to beat the Hall of Diamonds, which is a new and overly challenging game mode we added.

To emphasize the level of challenge, let’s just say the competition expiry date of July 1st, 2013, seemed appropriate. None of us at 10tons has cleared Hall of Diamonds. We verified it’s theoretically doable by using our relentless autoplayer, which plays the game really bad, but at hyperspeed.

We announced the competition on December 12th. We couldn’t have been more surprised when we found a valid winning entry in our email inbox the next morning. But there it was, a perfectly legit screenshot of the completed Hall of Diamonds, with an authentic watermark.

We knew gamers always take developers by surprise with things like this. Gamers are always way more skilled and persistent as developers can imagine. So when creating the competition, we stretched our imaginations. Not enough though!

With permission, here’s a few quotes from the winner, who goes by the Game Center nickname Snooptalian.

”I really thought I was gonna be way behind in finishing the diamond levels. Figured somebody else would have done it first, but went for it anyway.”

”I played the new levels on an off for probably 6 hours, restarting overall probably in the neighborhood of 500-600 times. Was able to get a lot of levels in one go, but some of the later ones had me close to giving up.”

”Some of those levels were down right evil, but I would get on a roll and just kept at it. Next thing I knew I had completed them all and it was 2:00 in the morning.”

”Only side effect is now I got the in game music soundly stuck in my head.”

”Awesome game, and a very cool contest. You can’t beat winning a real diamond for collecting virtual diamonds in a game.”

We’re sure Snooptalian will appreciate the oddness of the situation (which is very much what we we’re going for): Having a loose diamond and needing to figure out what to do with it.

This is the one, by the way:

And since everyone’s dying to get the game after such a heartwarming story, here it is: