Steam Greenlight and Crimsonland

The quiet period on 10tons Labs has hopefully ended, now that the summer vacations are done with and we’re powering into the last stretch of 2012. It looks like we’ll be busy.

We’ll touch on each topic when the time comes. The focus of this post is Crimsonland and Steam Greenlight.

As the most diehard fans have already discovered, Crimsonland is on Steam Greenlight.

Crimsonland is the very first game of 10tons, and without honking our own horn too loudly, it’s safe to say it’s a cult classic. I personally familiarized with Crimsonland just this summer, and boy did the quiet days fly by fast!

As far as twin stick (or mouse+WASD) shooters go, Crimsonland definitely features the gameplay to compete with the best of them. It’s… Hypnotic. The rhythm of gameplay is impeccable, as each session progresses from the leisurely start towards the hectic, twitch fest end.

As for Steam Greenlight, we’ve been intrigued by it ever since it was announced. Steam is surely a strong player in the Windows & Mac (and soon Linux) game sales scene, and Greenlight has the potential of granting indie developers a way in.

On the other hand, no one knew, and still doesn’t know, what the reality of Greenlight will look like. Which games eventually make it? Which factors are the key? Only time will tell.

For 10tons and Crimsonland, the goal is clear. We’d love to get the green light, as we’ve received so many fan requests urging us to release Crimsonland on Steam. We’d also love to update the game with Steam’s highscores and achievements, and throw in some new content.

And on that note, we’d definitely love to finally do Crimsonland 2, which we’ve had to postpone for far too long.

So please, upvote Crimsonland on Steam Greenlight. And as importantly, spread the word and ask your friends to upvote too. Every single vote counts.