Boom Brigade 2 updated to 1.1.0

The post-launch activity on an iOS game is pretty fast and convenient nowadays. Boom Brigade 2 was launched just eight days ago, and today the game was updated to 1.1.0.

The 1.1.0 update includes the usual bug fixes (and those were very minor bugs, mind you) and five new missions; two Survival missions and three Special missions. The difference between Survival and Special missions is that Special missions don’t include an objective to defend. It sounds like a slight difference, but in practice the distinction is clear.

My personal favourite of the new missions is the Special mission Incoming!, where the objective is to survive with a lone Trooper for as long as possible in a battlefield constantly bombarded by artillery strikes and swarming with aliens. It’s hectic, but you get to focus your attention completely to controlling the single Trooper.

We’ve also received some great reviews for Boom Brigade 2:

Touch Arcade 4/5

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