Boom Brigade 2 launchdate and Grim Joggers free

Boom Brigade 2 now has a launch date: The 21st of June.

In other words, the Thursday this week.

It’s set in stone. At least as much as things can be set in stone regarding game release dates in this day and age.

Following the news, the atmosphere at 10tons’ office immediately turned into a delightful mix of relief, happiness and yes, truly, excitement. I personally feel a bit giddy too.

Releasing a game definitely registers as one of the highest peaks in the emotional spectrum of game development, probably even eclipsing the rush of starting production on a new game.

But we must not get ahead of ourselves. Boom Brigade 2’s launch isn’t today, it’s in two days, and we’re going to be mighty busy.

We’re also delighted to announce the iOS version of Grim Joggers, our take on the endless runner, is now free until the release of Boom Brigade 2. Go grab it here!