Tactical Mode in Boom Brigade 2

Yesterday was a very physical one for us working at 10tons. We moved to a larger office, and discovered among other things that a lot of our furniture is made of solid wood instead of the Ikea style hollow wood elements. Solid wood furniture is quite heavy.

But the topic today is not furniture, but Tactical Mode.

In Boom Brigade 2, Tactical Mode allows the player to pause and resume the game at will. It’s not your basic pause feature though, as the player is able to issue orders to Troopers while the action is paused.

Issuing orders in Tactical Mode has many benefits. Obviously, the Tactical Mode button in the lower left corner of the screen is the perfect panic button; tap it and you’re safe to ponder your Trooper-saving moves. And you can issue said moves too.

Tactical Mode is also great for synchronised manouvers. Halt the action, issue orders, resume the action and watch the Troopers fight in perfect sync.

Tactical Mode also allows for perfect optimisation of actions for the economically minded player. It’s possible to keep every Trooper constantly occupied by commanding them precisely with Tactical Mode.

Finally, there’s the issue of becoming overwhelmed. In some missions the player is commanding up to five Troopers. Coupled with dozens and dozens of charging aliens, it’s a lot to keep track of. In these missions using Tactical Mode is a matter of survival.

Oh, and one more thing: In Tactical Mode, the Trooper weapon upgrades are shown. It’s great when the player has, for example, two Pyro Troopers, and has selected different upgrades for each. It’s not at all impossible to lose track of which one is using which, but with Tactical Mode, the matter can be checked instantly.

There is a video demonstrating Tactical Mode in action here.

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  1. It might look awesome if there could be like bit of vignette effect while in combat mode and maybe the ground could get bit darker so it would help spotting all the enemies and troops. It could work if changing modes fast wouldn’t look too distractive. What do you think?

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